SBK conservation fund

Since 2018, we’ve contributed $15 from every Clean-up Paddle seat sold to local conservation projects—that’s over $25,000.


Bobbing about in Darling Harbour is our first local conservation project—The Seabin.

In partnership with Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and The Sea Life Trust, the Seabin was installed in 2019, to collect garbage floating in Sydney Harbour.

Punching above its weight, this pint sized over achiever has collected over 3 tonnes of marine debris including 32,550 plastic items and filtered 186 million litres of water for microplastics, oil, fuel and more.

Living seawall

Seawalls line over 50% of Sydney Harbours’ shoreline, protecting our coastline from erosion. As strong and solid as they are, they don’t support our marine life in the same way as natural shorelines such as rock pools and crevices do. This year, Lavender Bay will undergo a maritime makeover with our new living seawall. From crabs to chitons, seaweed to snails, our latest project is going to bring back homes for Sydney’s marine life big and small.

Greening Berrys Bay

Mangrove forests cover just 0.1% of the planet’s surface but store up to 10 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests, making them a clear-cut contender in the race to reduce carbon emissions. These superheroes of the natural world also act as buffers to our coastal communities, protecting our properties from erosion and providing protection from storms. That’s why we have thrown our support behind Ecobel Sydney and their goal of planting 1 million mangrove and river plants by 2040.