No is not part of our vocabulary and we strive to make our kayak tours accessible to all. Designed for comfort and stability, SBK kayaks are perfect for long-legged, new or nervous paddlers. With a double-sized cockpit opening and a bulkhead for safety, they are almost impossible to capsize.

Whether you are an expectant mum paddling for two, have reduced mobility or hard-of-hearing, we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

  • Non-English speaking customers—our casual, bi-lingual guides accompany non-English speaking groups so no one misses out on Sydney’s stories.
  • Dietary requirements and allergies—whether its full cream, skim, soy, almond or rice, our made-to-order barista coffee and teas can meet all dietary and allergy requirements. We even have a gluten free birthday cake that everyone will enjoy.
  • Expectant mums—paddling for two? We have life-jackets to fit all sizes and will gladly throw you a tow rope if required.
  • Reduced mobility—scheduling an additional guide we can assist with lifting customers into kayaks.
  • Deaf or hard of hearing—slowing down and adding pauses in the briefing enable lip reading and Auslan interpretation. Basic hand signals are also added throughout the tour.
  • Injuries—whether it’s extra padding on the seat or a quick tow by our guides to give those recovering from injury a break.

Small to medium assistance dogs are welcome to ride along with their paddle companions. Unfortunately, larger dogs will not fit in the single kayaks.

For those with reduced mobility, private vehicles, rideshare and taxis can all drop off passengers directly at the boat ramp.

The public unisex toilet is wheelchair accessible and has a baby change table.

Located 20m from the boat ramp, along a path suitable for prams, wheelchairs and other mobility devices. 

Safety must always take priority, and while we do our best to adapt our tours to everyone, sometimes it cannot be achieved. However, we will never jump to this conclusion, rather we will meet, talk, email and even carryout a free pre-paddle paddle in an attempt to get everyone on the water.